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Description : Aswathy Venugopal, She made her own foot step in UIT History and she is 5th one in the history of UIT...un conditional love to the organisation with passion for growth made her GOLDEN FOOT STEP OF UIT INTERNATIONAL. ....She set her own bench mark which others expecting to follow to become the Golden foot steps of UIT Group --- 1. Passion to the growth of organisation. 2. Stand as rock behind UIT when its downs and faced challenges. 3.Concern about the each segment of organisation 4.Took effort beyond limit for the growth of team members from Junior to Senior 5. Keep Motivated the entire team especially in the top level by creating confidence. 6. Organisation goal always keep in mind as priority than personal goal 7. One most the most happiest member in UIT family. 8. Spread Positive energy to the entire surroundings 9. Criticised without looking face with bold for the positive result of organisation 10.Leading the various branches of UIT and taking care the comfort of every segment. 11.The entire organisation and team of 250 engineers safe in her hand even in the absence of Directors 12. Loved the organisation and the responsibilities..and always emotional bond and said........."UIT IS MY OWN."