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UIT Team


Designation : GENERAL MANAGER (2005-2012)
Description : Sikha Sathian, First General Manager of UIT GROUP INTERNATIONAl....create the foundation for UIT group with a culture of Harmoney, Credibility and lead the team from front and served UIT for 8 years ...started as Trainer of CADD CENTRE, grown to Centre Manager and as apreciation of her committed effort she served uit as General manager of UIT Group for two years...and made a process and professionalism to the organisation and she sill part of organisation and set a path how to become successful and grow with an organisation. 1) Punctuality 2) Credibility 3) System and process 4) Initiative for QAMS division 5) Successfully done monthly performance review 6) Descipline 7) Build culture of professional approach 8) Lead with cool and set a bench mark...how to move front front 9) Served long term with continous growth 10) Keep good relationship even after 8 years..